The Unknown History of Memory and Isolation

led by Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Bahar Ahmadifard. During this workshop, participants will learn about the most influential authors, literary movements, novels, and theories that form the main branches of the European novel. However, the novel’s history will be studied alongside critical theory and the history of visual arts. Although there are no restrictions on linking […]

Future: as a Point of Departure

led by Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Bahar Ahmadifard “Future: as a Point of Departure” is a collaborative educational program inspired by the concept of Prospective Archeology by the philosopher and media theorist Siegfried Zielinski and formed on “The History of Persian Music” by Ruhollah Khaleqi. First, we will jointly read the text of the History of […]

The Language Experience: Defensive Preparation

led by Amirali Ghasemi and Bahar Ahmadifard How to defend our work? How can the artist’s statement, the concept of the work, the technical description of the work, its certification, and related negotiations be written in eloquent and coherent language? How to prepare for a cultural residency in a foreign country? How to talk about […]

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